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Ancien Cycles

The First of many, we hope.

  • A stable rocket.
  • An endurance road bicycle, designed in-house.
  • Inspired by fast moving adventures worldwide.
  • Influenced by classic French constructeur bicycles. A still relevant, decades old designs.
  • Around the clock, cross-country race geometry put to the test. Elegant upfront. Powerful on the back-end.
  • Steel construction, cycling’s classic material, joined by lugs for aesthetics and repairability.
  • Equipped with eyelets for fenders and racks to carry up to 20 lbs of gear.
  • Intuitive measurements to fit the rider.
  • Stylish, with sharp clean lines and classic build kits.

An Ancien is a finisher of Paris Brest Paris, cycling’s longest running organized event.

French design obsessed with function, quality, style and fit to finish ultramarathon events.

Ancien Cycles has plotted for years on this model. An esteemed builder is joining us on this project.

We have locked in several designs that define who we are with the Ancien bicycle frame. If our values are in step with your desires we would be proud to discuss an order for your Ancien frame.

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