Bike Fit

Optimize your comfort, efficiency, and performance on the bike.
Comfort equals the ability to achieve your longest ride or your fastest ride.

ANCIEN is an endurance road bike shop. Our founders have completed epic events like RAAM ( Race Across America) and PARIS BREST PARIS . The hallmarks of an ANCIEN fit are comfort and speed, joined together .

ANCIEN offers our own custom steel bicycles. Influenced by classic French long distance road bike designs. As well as our own adventures around the world on bicycle.

We offer Carbon Fiber and Aluminum frames and bicycles as well.

We specialize in finding an outstanding fit for all cyclists, regardless of their specific discipline. With over a decade of experience and passion under our belt, we provide services such as finding a custom fit to a new bike, fit to an existing bike, and pedal and cleat adjustment. Our philosophy is to create an interactive experience with the rider in order to optimize her comfort and efficiency on the bike.

A virtual custom bicycle can be created space prior to any order placed. The rider and fitter can then relay feedback and adjustments to one another in order to find the best fit for the perfect ride.

Go faster? Go ‘easier’? Prevent injury, improve your finishing time?

A Bike Fit bridges the Bike to the Human, with a blend of biomechanics, ergonomics, and mechanical techniques. It requires an intuitive and precise set of values to put a dream bike on the road.


Bike Fit and Function Session to riders existing bicycle – 2hrs @ $300

Bring your cycling shoes, shorts and a jersey.
Bring your bike!*

Step One

  • Brief interview to understand your background, history and goals.
  • Identify comfort and performance issues to be solved.
  • Physical measurements.

Step Two

  • Shoe/pedal interface assessment. This is the first point of contact between the human and the bike.
  • Saddle. Second point of contact – find the correct shape and minimize pressure points.
  • Handlebars/Armrest/shifter ergonomics.
    Biomechanical analysis is continuous, with joint angle and range of motion measurement.

Step Three

  • Mark and measure all adjustments as recommended.
  • Make recommendations for new parts and equipment.
    Follow-up sessions can be scheduled at no additional charge for one year.


  • For customers looking for a new dream bike.
  • Utilizes the Size Cycle to determine your exact frame size.
  • Detailed measurements for all parts including bar width, crank length and stem length.
  • The fitting is part of our Pro Build Service.
  • The cost of the fitting is credited back to you upon purchase of the bike.
  • ANCIEN requests the rider bring in their best fitting current bicycle as well. This point of reference furthers our fit dialogue.

* Some basic adjustments can be made at the time of the fitting; however, extensive mechanical adjustments or parts installation may incur additional labor expense. Parts needed to effect recommended fit parameters are not included.

ANCIEN’s goal is to inspire you to ride more. To go beyond anywhere you have been before. To take risks. To bet on yourself . To be at one with your bike. Fit is at the basis of any piece of success in these endeavors.


Ancien bike

ANCIEN #1 . Designed by Scott McIntosh.


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